Howdy , everyone!

Music progression is a new international blog launched by an enthusiastic Blogger and Singer/Songwriter , who’s willing to share and help people all around the globe with his dynamic experience of music related knowledge.

Here is something what you will find on Music Progression.

  • Almost 98% of practical tips & tricks including facts about music to raise and to get you more professional in music in learning music to become ProMusician.
  • 2% of jokes and fun with readers with personal experience.
  • Get to know more basic & advanced techniques, I’ll make every hard things to learn easily 
  • Online learning tips for newbies in music learning and musicians ( who already knows but can’t make it practical )
  • This is not limited to music learners but also preferred for people who want to know facts about music in our life.
  • I’ll help you complete “How to” tutorials & amazing tips in music learning sessions in the blog.

Music progression in not just a blog to execute everything about music knowledge but it’s a going to be a brand in coming up years.

Get everything you want know from Everything you need to write a hit song to Top 5 Secret’s for Songwriting and many more…

If you need to ask me to write a special blog post for you then contact me ” rvancruze@gmail.com


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