Why Women Are Attracted Towards Musician

Women loves listening to music. But they love more watching musician who excites them from inside. Why girls are attracted towards men who are strumming on the guitar? Why women are attracted towards musician?  Well, You can’t deny the fact that women find musicians more seductive than the normal men.

Women secretly wants to date a musician, even after knowing the fact that they can’t get them easily. What makes women feel attracted towards musician and want them badly?

Without wasting time I’d like tell you everything about Why women are attracted towards musician.

Why Women Are Attracted Towards Musician

Why women are attracted towards musician

1. They have powerful appeal.

Women are drawn towards their stage presence, appeal, personality and style from others that makes women fall in love without realising. Women knows that they can’t get musicians attention easily and that’s what makes want them even more badly because girls want what they can’t get easily. They stand out of the crowd because they have leadership appeal, and that what girls desire the most..

2. They have confidence.

Women never wants to be with an insecure men. Women are attracted towards confident men and they can do anything to get their attention. Whereas, musicians are confident. They showcase confidence to let people know that they own this stage. Confidence drive girls crazy. This exactly happens when girls are adding up into fan following and the reason behind these following is confidence.

3. They are stuffed with skills.

Learning music is not easy for everyone. It takes dedication, patience and hard work to load skills into yourself. Musicians spend hours in practice and they dedicate good amount of time in enhancing their craft everyday. Women wants to be part of such “cool and stylish” skilled musician’s life. They want to engage themself with awesome musician who’s filled with amazing skills.

4. They have creativity.

Musicians are creative people, they can write amazing songs, create music and play an instrument so perfect that makes women’s heart bounce. Women feel a special bond with their favorite musicians because every song they write undoubtedly relate to their fantasies – where as, personality and style comes later on. If you think why pop singers are so popular then this is what makes every women fall.

5. They have bad boy personality.

Nomatter if you are cute or nerdy, even it doesn’t matter who you are, if you have ability to play an instrument then it showcase you have a license to break heart. They can be addiction for many girls out there. They know they’re “hot” and that’s what makes every women swoon. Women secretly wants to involve with bad boys who can take them on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and feelings.

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