7 Best Reasons You Should Date A Guitarist

Finding the right person for a date could be difficult, but choosing the person who represents the personality inside your head can lead you to more than a date . If you’re looking for someone who can understand you, who has some standard, who knows how to play it cool, who can sing out for youthen you’re on the right place.

Musicians are smart people and they know what they want. I’d suggest you should date a guitarist. Dating a guitarist can make your life exciting and you will never ever regret your choice.

If you want to know the reasons why you should date a guitarist then you need to keep reading…

7 Best Reasons You Should Date A Guitarist

7 best reasons you should date a guitarist

1. They have outstanding presence.

Almost every single musician doesn’t like to be the part of the crowd. And that’s why they are musician anyways. If you’re out for a movie with them, then the chances are they will exit from another door. If they are in a party, they are not afraid and insecure in standing close to you because they are confident inside out. They have excellent attitude that makes everyone feel attracted towards them.

2. They love being Guitarist.

Music is like a breath for them, they can’t imagine life without guitar if they started playing guitar earlier. They have a special place for a guitar in their heart. If you want to be part of their life then you need to understand that you will always come on 2nd place in their life, that’s OK. They love being guitarist because they value their devotion towards guitar. They can never leave guitar for life.

3. They like to stand out of the crowd.

They want to contribute their talent with the world. They don’t like being just like everyone else. If you think why they are unconventional then you should know that they like being part of something that is difficult and what others can’t do easily. Playing music is not easy for everyone else and that’s what they have mastered. They set their own standard.

4. They spend lots of money on their Guitar.

They want to produce the perfect sound and to produce perfect sound, they need a better guitar. They are not afraid of spending money on their guitar. If you think it’s useless then never ever tell them. You need to take care of their guitar in order come closer with them. If they value you as same as guitar then it’s a green light of falling in love.

5. They often talk about music.

Guitarist never shut their mouth in talking about music. They can keep talking about music all night long with you without getting tired. And never expect them that they’ll talk to you about studies, politics or business. They are find peace in music and they can spend whole life with music. If you started a debate on topic, guess who’s the winner? Haha right!

6. They expect you to love their every songs.

Nomatter if you love another musician, if you want to stay in their heart, never ever place them on 2nd position. They expect you to love them and their song aswell. If you any favorite musician then never compare them with the favorite ones otherwise something is going to get burn! burn! burn! They can treat you better than anyone if you appreciate them.

7. They can play music anytime for you.

Well, I sometimes play guitar and sing for my girl at late night just because she wants to hear music. It’s a cute thing when your partner is singing for you and especially you. They are ready to play guitar anytime you want to hear unless they are inside washroom. It can be like music on demand. Want some live music to hear at late night? Just ask your partner.

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