Why Do We Enjoy Listening To Sad Music

The world is getting more involved into music in order to express their emotions and feelings. People tend to listen various kind of sad music everyday and it make sense. Everyone knows that classical music helps you to focus on your work and upbeat music helps in making you feel energetic during the workout session.

Even sad songs has it’s own benefits. It can help you in so many that you might be unaware of it. Do you want to know Why Do We Enjoy Listening to Sad Music

I’m definitely sure, you must be eager to know the facts about listening to sad music and why do we love it? Right? 

So let’s get to know more about…

A girl listening to sad music wearing headphones.

Why Do We Enjoy Listening to Sad Music

When you are going through the feeling of sorrowful or sadness, you try to find someone who can give you a strong support and can hug you tight and wishper in your ears “You’re not alone” . Listening to sad songs can help you to feel a sense of empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another – and make you stronger from inside.

You’re not alone dude!

When I start to get constant feeling of sadness, after an argument with my girlfriend, I usually take out my iPod and play my favorite tracks including Wrecking Ball – by Miley Cyrus and The feeling – by Justin Bieber. These songs makes me feel energetic and It feels like I’m not the only one who’s going through this feeling and it can be supportive.

Listen To Sad Music Is Good For You

When you listen to sad songs, you start to feel more deeper and get into the feelings. This kind of feeling resorting to make you feel sorrowful or loss. We often feel these temptation in many ways like when your crush don’t love you the same or when someone broken your belief or trust etc. Listen to sad music after break up isn’t pleasant or inspiring for you but it can be pure therapeutic.

Music can be effective of your brain and it can help you to fight against anxiety or depression as well. If you’re feeling like dancing in the room or crying hiding your face, music saves your life everytime. As you’ve read my previous post Why Music is an Addiction for your brain, it has explained that while listening to music, our brain releases hormones called Dopamine.

Benefits of Listening to Sad Music

When we listen to music especially sad songs, our thoughts get more deeper as we call it Melancholy – wrapped with sorrowful thoughts – which directly hit our negative thoughts and dig deep inside of our feelings. This can effective in the process of creative thinking and enhance your creativity.

It doesn’t mean you need to start getting sad daily, but you need to get up from the couch and exercise daily. Lol

However, the listeners who engage themselves into sad music found that it gives them a feeling of moving out of painful situation. As per this new research suggests listening to sad music can help people to feel intensive, peaceful and pleasure including sad emotions all together and proved to be effective for everyone.

So, finally these are the reason Why do we enjoy listening to Sad Music. If you have any question about this topic then you should feel free to ask me anything you want and you can share your story.

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