How To Increase Your Confidence In Singing | Guide

What if I asked you to sing infront of a large crowd? Are you feeling nervous?

The answer is Yes! That’s why you are here.

Singing can be intimidating if someone ask you to start singing now and you will start to feel lack of confidence, nerves breakdown, increasing heartbeat, sweaty palm and breathing harder. Singing can be more and more easier than you can ever imagine, no matter if you need to sing infront of 50 people or 50 thousand people.

Do you want to know how to increase your confidence in singing?

Well, there are many factors that determine your confidence in singing and these factors are the building blocks that are actually holding you back. If you want confidence in your singing voice then you need to break down these blocks and show up the talent you have inside.

Do you want to become confident singer like : Madonna, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Adele, and Taylor Swift. I know you definitely wanna be like them. 

Let’s get to know more…

A singer performing with confidence on live stage with power singing voice

How to increase your confidence in singing | Guide

1. Make your mind up right now.

When you are stepping up your feet on the stage and you will notice that your mind start to get negative thoughts and this can affect your confidence in a blink of your eyes. Everything that stopping you to achieve your goal is your own mindset. The problem isn’t outside but it is hidden inside.

You need to break the barrier in order to succeed. You were feeding bad stuffs in your mind since you were born. You’ve stored fear inside your head that what will happen if I made a mistake on stage

Come on dude… You can’t predict the future!

Calm down! You should acquire a growth mindset can effectively help you to sing confidently. You are human being and human makes mistake, you need to stop worrying about the negative side and turn your mind towards positive. Start thinking like it’s okay to make a mistake instead of living in fear of not to make any mistake on stage. Imagine yourself as the best singer in the world.

2. No need to get “freaked out” on stage.

When it comes to singing infont of people, so many people get freaked out just because they think “they’re going to be judged“. Unfortunately, there are no special technique to switch off this feeling. You can control your feelings by redirecting your mind on another side of grass. Stop caring about what others are thinking and follow your dreams.

If you ever imagine, what would they think about me? Then you should focus on the fact that they’re ordinary people and you’re the singer.

Bring your all focus on yourself and think you can sing like no one can and if you made a mistake, it won’t matter at all. Learn more how not to get freaked out on stage, and observe your mistakes in order to grow up. Whenever you feel like you’re being judged, just remind yourself that it’s just a thought inside me not a fact. You’ll start to feel like more confidence in your singing voice.

You are safe! Don’t worry! No need to get freaked out!

3. Turn your awareness level “ON”.

I’ve seen almost every person practicing their singing on autopilot mode like they’re daydreaming. They might be practicing but their minds are traveling around the world. The outcome always proves the way they practice. They often repeat the same mistake they made 2-3 days ago. 

If you want learn and become more confident singer then you need to turn your awareness level “ON“. You need to practice in a smart way, so you definitely won’t make those mistaken twice. If you are aware of what exactly you are singing and how you are singing, then no matter where you’re singing, you will always nail it.

This was like a blessing for me!

4. Practice… Practice… Practice…!

Do you think you can sing confidently without practicing and honing your skill?

Obviously not even in your dreams! If you want to be the guy or girl who’s hitting the large crowd with ease by the spell of their mesmerizing voice then you need to do this Practice… Practice… Practice…!

Every singer needs to take care of their voice because our voice is an instrument and this instrument also needs the fine tuning everyday. The more you care this instrument, the better it’ll pay of off. Prioritise your practice everyday in order to sing confidently. When you are confident on your voice then confidence in singing comes itself.

So, finally we are upto the end and now you’re ready to increase your confidence in singing. Now what are you waiting for? Go and practice this daily if you want to fulfill your dreams and want to see yourself on big stage.

If you have any question about this topic, you can leave your questions in the comments and I’d love to answer your worthy questions. 

Share this with your friends and this might change their lives forever.


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