5 Best Ways That Speed Up Learning Music

Everyone loves playing music and learning music is the hardest part for some people around the world. People doesn’t even know the technique behind learning process but still they keep burning their cells of the brain and they get nowhere. It’s not something new that musician’s spend massive amount of time to upgrade their skills everyday.

But there’s a secret behind musician’s learning process and that’s what I’m going to share here those world class technique here in 5 best ways that speed up learning music that will definitely help you master your skills without wasting your efforts.

Note: The technique is helpful for every person who’s learning music. If you read this carefully, it can change your life and make it easy for you to learn every skill beyond music. 

A cute girl learning and playing instrument

5 Best Ways That Speed Up Learning Music

1. Practice in awareness not on autopilot.

I’ve been through this situation, I used to practice on autopilot mode without realising it and I was learning nothing at all but then I researched about this fact. Whenever you’re practicing, you need to level up your awareness level and understand those music practice by living in the present moment without brainstorming. Don’t get lost in another world and focus on perfect way of learning.

You need to pay the special attention to this if you want to learn quickly. It’s a best practice you can make in order to learn music.

2. Break the song into pieces like chunks.

The technique is used by every great musicians and it is the smartest effort you can ever make. All great musicians break the song into one line known as chunks and practice until they can play the piece of music while sleeping, then they move to another line and repeat. This effective process makes every musicians a master.

You need to focus on every single line of the song rather than entire song at once. I’ve been using this powerful technique to develop my skills, and hit the weak point. This can be very helpful for anyone who wants to develop their music learning skills.

3. Take a break.

If you are practicing hard then you shouldn’t underestimate the power of taking break. Go out and take a short break about 10 minutes and start doing something interesting apart from music. You can take a short snack or you can take a walk in the fresh air with the nature.

To be more productive and get a bunch ideas, you need a break that can boost your creative thinking power and you’ll come up more productive in the practice time.

4. Never seek for Perfection while learning music.

Perfection is the worst enemy in learning music. If you seek perfection in music the you might hit your face hard on the floor. While learning music, you need to concentrate on your mistakes and learn from your mistakes. Most of the top performers who perform on stage has made millions of mistake during practice session and that’s why they are master of their skills on stage.

You need to practice with full awareness and accept your mistakes, even top musicians make mistake during practice.

“The master has failed more than the beginner has even tried”

The more you seek for excellence rather than perfection, the better you’ll get in learning process.

5. Get yourself on road of creativity.

You need to be get more creative in order to learn music faster than others and it’ll come up only when you get your creative thinking mode ON. Playing instrument takes effort and the effort known as creativity. The more creative you are, the better you will be in playing instrument than others.

You need to be passionate about learning process and this is going to be your Nitro boost which will speed up your learning music at 100 kmph.

So, finally we are upto the end and we exposed the secret element of learning music in order to get you on stage with confidence that you know the secret element. 

Things you need to remember :

  • Practice in awareness, not on autopilot mode.
  • Break the song into pieces like chunks
  • Take a break
  • Never seek for Perfection while learning music
  • Get yourself on road of creativity.

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If you have any question popping in your head, then feel free to ask anything and I’d love to answer your worthy questions. 


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