How To Improve Your Singing Voice | Guide

Life without singing is like a bird without wings. Singing makes everyone feel entertaining and fun, for the singer and listener as well. It is necessary to keep your singing voice healthy if you want to sing everyday. You need to take care of your vocal cords because your voice is an instrument that help you to keep singing better.

If you want to become a professional singer or just want to impress your friends by singing along with your guitar, then you should not make this mistake by not to read everything about How to improve your Singing voice.

Just think about it, how amazing it would be when you start to sound more appealing to the listeners and getting better in singing every songs you love?

Well, I can feel the energy inside you and I must say you want to know every single steps to improve your singing voice. 

Let’s get to everything you need to know about How to improve your singing voice.

A girl practicing her singing while wearing headphone

How to improve your Singing voice

1. Start with breathing exercise.

If you want to improve your singing voice then you need to start with the basic and the most important factor in the singing is ” Breathing“. Our vocals mainly works with better breathing technique, if you want to breath correctly then you need to train your muscles in your stomach known as “

You need to breath deep inside and directly into your stomach rather than lungs. The more you pump air into the diaphragm, the better and stronger it’ll get. Breathing helps your vocals to work better and the better it will work, the better sound you can produce.

2. Correct your posture to improve your singing voice.

Singing can be difficult for you if you’re singing with a bad posture. It can be hard to breath properly when you are in a bad posture. You need to keep your body posture straight, shoulders tight, and abdomens tight as well because when you sing, your body needs a proper air flow through the body so it can help you sing better.

Make sure you are letting the air flow directly from stomach (diaphragm) by passing through vocals and you can notice the difference. Don’t try to block your breath by having a bad posture, you should need to have a good posture, in order to sing better.

3. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Do you know drinking lots of water can affect your singing dramatically? Singing uses our vocals in order to sing better and vocals will work better when it’s hydrated. Singing can be exhausting, not for you but for your vocals. The more hydrated you are, the better you vocals will help you to hit notes correctly and improves your singing voice.

Come on dude, you don’t need to pay taxes to drink more water!

4. Warm up your singing voice.

Just like every sports need some warm ups in order to stay away from muscle stretch, singing also needs some warm ups before you hit the highest notes to prevent you from the vocal damage. Start with a humming and sing along with the song that demand less work load of your vocals. Try to keep your vocal cords out of danger by warm ups.

Whenever you start singing, never forget the warm ups because if you want keep your singing voice healthy then you can’t underestimate the power of warm ups.

5. Relax while singing.

If you are singing especially when you are nervous, then you are making big mistake out of it. Singing demands a proper air flow through your vocals and mouth. Whenever you are nervous, your throat muscle tend to get tighter and you won’t be able to produce any resonance and this will lead to you try hard and that’s the point you might destroy your singing voice.

Practice singing in front of your friends and family to overcome your stage fright and keep doing it until you can sing confidently. Nervousness will never go away so you need to focus on your voice and the way you sing.

6. Don’t try to strain your voice.

If you want to improve your singing voice then you should never ever try to strain your voice because it can damage your vocal cords for life and you won’t be able to sing again. You need to give rest to your voice because our vocal gets tired as well just like our body muscles. You should speak slow and keep drinking water as much as possible to keep yourself hydrated.

Whenever you start to feel irritation in your vocal, either after singing high notes or talking louder then you need to STOP! You should give a proper rest in order to improve your singing voice.

7. Improve your tongue position.

While singing, the tongue plays the most important role in producing 
vocal tones and resonance. You need to place your tongue in the right position so you can produce sounds the way you want. Place your tongue forward and make sure the tip of the tongue is touching your bottom teeth. This is how you can make best sound possible in order to become a singer.

It makes sense, don’t you think? Try it out!

8. Observe the larynx position.

Larynx commonly known as “
Voice box“. You need to understand the work of larynx to make out the best use of it. When we are singing, our larynx start to move up & down in order to produce different sound. If you want a deep tone then try to sing in the lower position of your larynx and raising the position will produce a rich brighter tone.

When we are having conversation, our larynx tend to stay relaxed at its place. Use your throat and vocals in smart ways and you will be improving your singing voice dramatically.

9. Sing as much as possible.

Sing as much as possible but in limitations like you don’t need to strain your vocal cords. Singing often can affect your singing in a better way, you will be making your singing voice more stronger than before. The more you’ll sing, the better your singing will enhance. Just like we exercise daily to build muscles in our body, the same criteria works in singing as well. 

Whenever you are singing, you’re building a strong muscle for your singing voice that will definitely help you in the long run. 

So, finally we’re upto the end and I want you to know that singing works well with the help of strong breath & singing voice. You need to enhance your singing techniques in order to sing like a professional. You need to exercise daily and keep improving to become a singer.

Tune your instrument by keeping yourself hydrated, practicing daily, rest your voice, and take care of it. You need to understand and keep reminding yourself these steps.

I’ve shared you these amazing tips & tricks, use these techniques daily and notice the change in your singing voice. Keep improving. Work hard.

If you have any question in your mind or if i missed any substantial and more important tips then please feel free to ask or share your knowledge with us, just write in the comments below.


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      Btw I’m singer/songwriter and play guitar aswell. I’ve shared my experience that actually works!

      I’ve just added more to them that works like a magic in improving your singing voice.


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