Why Music Is Important In Our Lives

Music is universal and it is the expression of everyone’s feeling around the world. Music is what makes our emotions and feelings turn on. Music has been part of our life even before the discovery of language. It is the part of every cultures around the globe. Music is being played by every cultures even if they don’t even read or write yet.

Music is important in our lives and this is what makes human beings a human. Music has been played even before we could use languages to express ourselves because language was started around 3500 years ago and musician instrument called “flute” was crafted nearby 37,000 years ago.

Scientists has proven that music affects our brain in order to make it healthier. It can be a great source of brain development as we will explain you later in this article. 

To know more about Why Music is important in our lives then keep reading…

Why Music is important in our lives

• Music can help to grow your personality.

Music has been the important factor in developing your personality as human being. It can be either by listening to music of your favourite genre or learning musical instruments. Music helps to develop you from inside out and gives your brain a soothing relaxation. The more you listen to music or learn, the better personality you’ll have.

It works really great!

• Music can help to reduce stress.

No matter how exhausting the day is, there’s nothing better than
a soft music hitting you from inside and pulling out all of your stress like a vacuum. Whenever you start to feel like a tired bunny, take out your iPod and play it on your favourite music and watch out, you will start to feel jump out of the bed and dance. Our brain releases a chemical called dopamine and this helps to boost our moods dramatically.

What? I’m feeling like jump out of the bed right now and that’s why I’m writing

• Music can increase the memory of your brain.

Every time you listen to music, why do you get stuck with the hooks ( Chorus ) and it’s lyrics? It is because while listening to music our mind start to discover new things and increase the level of awareness in the state of mind. This is how you easily remember the lyrics and music of the songs you love.

Not only this much, the research has shown that music increases the memory power of your brain which can help to remember things for a long period of time. This is how music helps memory.
• Music can benefit our health and fitness.

Music can help you to increase your fitness level and your health aswell. Listening to music while working out in the gym can boost your energy level to work out more harder. Music can be super beneficial for our health, if you sing, play an instrument or just listen to music it can boost your productivity and effectively help to increase your brain power.

I love singing and playing, nothing can be better than this in the universe.

• Music makes our lives better.

Music is effective in all area of our life, no matter whoever you are. It gives you a life and purpose to live, music can makes you feel emotions and connect with the world and help you to look at the things more deeply. It can strike your feelings and emotions and help you to make a better person. It can be helpful from studies to studio, business to workout, and driving to relaxation

Music is life and it gives you wings

Music can be expression, human behavior, fun, sadness, work, romance and music is spread all around the globe that gives a charm in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you understand the language or not, the matter is you can understand the emotion of the music. It is the universal thing and it will remain the same forever.

I’ve been looking at the things differently but after getting connected with the music, I’ve became enormous and it feels like the universe in inside of us. Music makes the world and better place to live.

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    I’m definitely interested in this article due to the fact of my love of music and the science aspect you portrayed. I’m studying engineering and can appreciate a good science lesson.

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