How To Become A Singer | Guide

Singing is a career opportunity for many people around the world. Everyone wants to become Singer these days, because successful singing career gives opportunity to gain massive wealth, fame and fortune. Singing can change your lifestyle and can give you the living you always dreamed of.

How to become a singer? This question tickled in your mind and that’s why you are here. Singers are made, not born. Every famous singers weren’t born with this dynamic talent. They trained their vocals ( Singing ) and worked hard to reach at the highest level.

If you want to know How to become a Singer, then you need to have an obsession for singing. If you have an obsession to learn and grow like other aspiring singers then I bet ” the universe will conspire to help you achieve it “.

How to become a Singer

1. Believe in your unique ability and your dream.

When you start your journey into music, the first step towards success is to believe in your unique ability and never compare your Singing voice with anyone else because neither anyone can sing like you nor you can sing like them. You need to believe in your dreams that you’ve been looking for.

“Believe while others are doubting”

Have you ever imagined, like Singing in a massive concert in front of  more than 50 thousand audience screaming out your name? Sounds thrilling, isn’t it?

Now listen to me, Research has shown that believing in yourself has the ability to turn your dream into powerful reality. You have got only one life to live, why gotta waste it? Just work like no one can and never get distracted from your goals because this is what drives you in your belief system. 

2. Get your singing voice in tune and keep improving daily.

If you want to become a singer then you need to start working on your singing voice. The more you’ll train your voice, the better you’ll get into singing like a professional. In order to sing on live stage and recording studio, you need to have a powerful voice to sing in tune so you need to work on your singing as much you daily.

Daily? Yes daily!

Just like your body needs exercise daily, your singing voice needs daily exercise as well like vocal warm ups, vocal exercise, breathing exercise, hitting the notes accurately etc. Sing as much as you can and try to keep your voice healthy and hydrated.

3. Sing whenever you get the chance.

Singing as much as possible can be super beneficial for you because you are not just singing but also developing your vocals, this will lead you to keep your singing voice in shape and you can hit the live stage or recording studio without hitting the wrong notes. I’d prefer you to sing often like, in the shower, while listening to music, in karaoke nights, jams.

Please don’t sing inside the car because your sound wouldn’t echo and this can lead to wrong vocal usage and you might hit the improper note and damage your vocal cords.

If you want to become a singer then you need to take care of your voice because your voice is an instrument. The more you’ll keep your instrument in shape, better sound you’ll get in tune. Sing whenever possible, this can effective in order to build self confidence and self esteem as well. Singing on stage in front of live audience can be easy for those who are confident in their unique voice.

4. Choose 4-5 songs that you can sing perfectly.

If you are starting out and don’t even know what are you going to sing as a quality singer, then make a list of 4-5 songs and practice until you can sing while sleeping. This can be effective even if the large crowd are screaming and spot light focus on you, you’ll never going to get frightened.

Remember to choose those songs which comes in the range of your vocal range so you can sing the song perfectly even without strain on any single notes. Make sure the songs you’ve choosen are suitable for you voice and you’ve practiced more than 50 times and this is how your songs are going to be perfect and this is essential to become a singer.

This will give you an exposure in audience, so always choose the song by keeping your targeted audience in your mind.

5. Network with people in the music industry.

Let me tell you a secret! Inside the business of music industry, the matter isn’t “what you know” but the matter is “who you know”. Start with making friends in music industry like sound engineer, recording studio owners, DJ’s , Songwriters, even singers aswell. This can boost your spot in music industry and throw your spell of talent.

Music industry works with a mutual business understanding, who knows you might get a chance to work with an artist because of a friend’s contact. The more people will know you, better the chances you’ll be driving into fame sooner. It takes a lil time to create contact with people but this can be helpful in the future.

Never underestimate the power of social networking sites, and start making your covers on YouTube and SoundCloud. It can build your fanbase and this can change your life like Justin Bieber. Not necessarily you’ll get signed by record label but this can give you an online presence as an artist.

Dude! This seriously works!

6. Start small and make it bigger.

If you want to become a singer or international Singer, you need to start from the scratch of the bottom. Everyone starts from no money to big money,  and if you want to make it in music industry them you need to build a resume that represents your style, work experience in live, demo’s, and it must represent that you started from small stage then you’ll be getting bigger and better. 

No one will give a new comers an opportunity to sing on massive stage where 50 thousands audience crushing the seats in the beats of music. Start from singing at local level then state then national then boom! International level! This won’t take much time if you are talented enough to get attention of music industry. 

Just keep working on yourself and when you become an excellent artist by hitting the performance everytime, record labels will follow you.

7. Embrace rejection and get ready for criticism.

If you want to become a singer then you need to train your mind to handle the rejection and keep moving forward in order to become successful in music industry. Rejection and criticism is the part of the singing career, you’ll need to handle rejection because they’ll only hire the one whom they’re looking for so it’s better to keep working on your uniqueness.

Constructive criticism can be effective for the long, so you can understand what’s wrong going on, don’t let others opinion destroy your dream. Work more smartly if you got any criticism. There are lots of people in music industry who will throw stones at you and it’s up to you that how smoothly you handle them.

“No matter how talented you are, not everyone’s going to like.” by Justin Bieber

I’m talking bout criticism. Don’t worry bout the stones.

8. Time to get paid for the hard work.

If you want to get paid, it’s not necessary to become famous singer however you can earn good amount by doing live gigs, in festival concerts, hard rock cafe’s and much more. Getting paid for singing although if it’s only $100 can boost your confidence because you’ll get the idea that you can earn really big money if you work hard and keep going.

You need to get paid in order to become a professional Singer. Don’t worry about starting small because every master once was a beginner. Keep making money out of it and never stop learning and earning.
Singing can give you everything possible and that you can’t even imagine. You need to focus on the power of belief and work hard and keep you awareness level higher and that’s the secret of success. Dream more and take actions more and you’ll turn impossibility into possibility.

Start working on your dream now because sometimes later become never. Point out these points and remember them and this can lead you to a successful music career.

  • Believe in your unique ability and dream.
  • Keep improving daily.
  • Sing whenever you get chances.
  • Get your 4-5 songs for perfect performance.
  • Network with people in the music industry.
  • Start small and make it bigger.
  • Embrace rejection and criticism.
  • Get paid for the hard work.

If you want to know about How to become a famous singer then check out the link.


5 thoughts on “How To Become A Singer | Guide

  1. Hey, I know I want to be a singer but I can’t play any musical instrument, I tried playing guitar but failed, and I can play piano by looking at tutorials of a particular song….
    So the question is…
    Can I become a singer without knowing to play any instrument?

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