7 Best Ways Music Makes Our Lives Better

Music has the ability to control your moods accordingly, which can ultimately affect your behavior by hitting your emotions & feelings. Research has proven that music can improve your brain power, energy, and boost your workout.

Studies have also shown that music can lead you to spend more time in a place like ( most retail brand takes advantage of music to sell more in stores ), and change your moods in unethical way. 
Music is a powerful addiction for every music lovers.

Let’s find out how these 7 Best ways Music makes our lives better?

7 Best ways Music makes our lives better

1. Music makes you feel relax.

When you listen to the calm & soul music, your brain receives a frequency at a specific hertz which gives a relaxing sensation to your brain. Try to recall your favourite song which makes you feel relaxing? 

Sounds good? Relaxing.

This hot selling book 59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman, proved everything about changes of behaviour while listening to music. You can use different genre of music to change your mood from relaxing to jumping into dance.

( Note : Please don’t jump off the building )

2. Motivational music improves your performance.

Most people have focus on their goals, they often take advantage of music that gives them a motivational charge like, electric sensation, boost confidence level and a definition to “Do it now“. Athletes, Artists, and Billionaires take advantage of music to improve their performance while working until they reach their goals.

You definitely have a song in your mind, that gives you a charge of motivation. Just like I take advantage of the song Rise – Katy Perry because this song gives me strength to write amazing stuffs you read.

3. Music increases the energy you need for workout

What’s better than an iPod while hitting your gym? Play your favourite music and there you go..

You favorite music can lead you to exercise more and more because your mind is concentrated on music as well, so it’s an advantage, not to let your brain send those signals “Aaah I’m exhausted”. Music can increase your energy during exercise dramatically.

I often plug in my iPod during my exercise schedule, that’s why I’ve got my abs. Yaaay! Thanks to music!

4. Music can reduce your pain.

When no medicines are working out for you, then iPod might help you better. Play on your favourite artist’s music, and focus your mind on music. The pain will dramatically start to reduce on the minute. Music releases the serotonin hormones also know as  “Happy Hormones” that leads to reduce pain everytime.

Doctors are taking advantage of music for rapidly growing treatment of cancer patients in cancer healing centres.

5. Music continuously saving life.

You need to know about the accurate process to give CPR chest compression. It’s all about the timing, and it’s main element “timing”. How can you perfectly remember the time when am emergency occurs?

Sing out loud ” Stayin Alive ” by BeeGees. It’s not a joke!

“A research by Dr. John hafner tested 15 physicians and.medical students to perform the 100 – compression procedure while listening to the song mentioned above, their means of expression increased in an excellent way.”

6. Music can make you more smarter.

Music learning is the best practice one can ever make. There are lots of proof out there that music lessons can improve I.Q. when you start to taking lessons of music, you’ll start to feel the change in the structure of your brain that increase in memory, recalling the memory, remember for a long time, and music notes obviously. 

Give yourself a time to understand the music nature, how music works? And more..

Honour few tips from me, I might help you!

7. Music can make you a kind person.

Honestly, music help you to become a kind person, even playing music can help you in various ways like being a compassionate person

Research shows that :

While not definitive, researchers note that the findings provide “more than tentative support” to their theory that intelligently structured group music-making can promote “day-to-day emotional empathy.””

Music is universal and it’s been in everyone’s daily life since long and long years ago in history. Music genres might changes every decade but the musica notes and it’s structure would never ever going to change.

Music can help you in more various ways and I’ve come up with the top  7 best ways Music makes our lives better. It’s took several hours of research to provide but these best techniques can help you to make your lives better for sure.


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  1. Fantastic insights into what music can do. Have you seen the documentary about music and alzheimer’s that’s on netflix? It’s supposed to be incredible! Great writeup here, do you ever feature your writing with any other websites at all?

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