How To Become A Great Songwriter

Being a songwriter comes from inside, whether you’ve experienced your life through ups & downs or you might passionately living a perfect life. All depends on your experience and creativity. You can be a songwriter too if you are willing to work harder than anybody else.

Have you ever imagined, how to become a great songwriter to get your name on Hot 100 Billboard’s Charts? Do you think you have the potential to become a creative songwriter? Do you want to fulfill your dreams to make it in music industry?

I got your point my friend!

I’m going to give you every single details on How to become a great Songwriter?

Ed sheere : Songwriting since childhood

How to become a great Songwriter

1. Keep your idealistic notebook ready.

The best ideas will strike you when you are not aware inside of your thought process. Some great lines might hit you often when you’re busy in doing some other work, so keep your note book ready and whenever a great line hit you up then you should note it down as earlier you can.

Otherwise you’ll end up thinking about great lines all day long and it won’t give any glance of ideas. Most of the massive successful songwriters keep their notebook or recorder ready, so if any line flow through their mind so they’ll catch it up like a fishing.

2. Shower your emotions in your song lyrics

An emotion full of lyrics is better than a normal written words in a song. Every song contain a depth of deep emotions either happiness or sadness. While writing your lyrics, try to open the wings of emotions, this is the only way to make your audience feel connected. 

If your song doesn’t have connections then you won’t be able to make a big hit song. So if you want to make a great song then you need to know this.

  • Go back in the past, and feel those energy, nerves, temperature, weather and blend them together of those feelings to make a perfect song.
  • Brainstorm for 2 mins about the whole situation and topic then write down your lyrics.

3. Choose the right chords progression.

Every song has an appropriate choice of chord progression on a specific key. Use chords progression to your advantage and make your song uber and finest quality to compete with most popular songs. If you done right with the chords then your song harmony can be more melodious like chart buster songs.

If your target is to make a hit song in all around the world then start listening to more and more genres, which will let you explore with more songs that can help you creating a unique song that might change the world.

To know more about chords progression, check out Music Theory : Chords progression guide.

4. Take care of your song structure.

A hit song always comes with a standard song structure like ( Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, bridge, outro ). If you want to make you every single song to the hit charts then use these standard song structure.

  • Intro: An instrumental played for the song to introduce the tone and rhythm of the song.
  • Verse: The starting part of a song, where the main structure of the lyrics and music starts.
  • Chorus: The most important part of the song. Highest notes often hit up and repeated lines comes in the chorus.
  • Bridge: the most different part of the song. Everything gets changed in this part to take those repeats off!

To know more details about song structure… Check out my post how to structure a song lyrics.

5. Keep practicing your instrument.

Always keep practicing as much as you can, the more you get to know your instrument the more you’ll end up becoming professional songwriter. Guitar & Piano are the best friend of every songwriter, so keep picking out the tunes from your instrument and make it worthy. Keep finding the melody including riffs & cliffs and arpeggios to help your music creation better.

Come on dude! It’s your song.. give it all.

6. Now add your lyrics to the Music.

The most favorite part of every songwriter is to complete their lyrics with the music. Now set up your lyrics according to the Music and then set up your tempo, beats and rhythm in order to complete your song. Most people neglect to be creative in this part, so please don’t be “most people” at all.

The more creative you’ll be here, the more great songwriter you’ll become. I’d suggest you to keep doing it until you can write songs while sleeping.

That’s called “Mastering” dude!

7. Time to record your Masterpiece.

After merging lyrics & music together and when you’re finally satisfied with the song you’ve written, it’s time to take out your iPhone and record the song. If you can sing the song of your own then you don’t need a singer to sing out your lyrics, but if you can’t sing, look out for a singer in your town or anyone who’s willing to volunteer in song creation process.

Record the singing part and music together in your phone to get an idea of “how the song will be after recording professionally“.

You can use Audacity® to record on your PC for windows and GarageBand for Mac’s 

8. Get some feedback from strangers.

An honest feedback will only get your song heard by original audience. Remember to hit only an appropriate age of audience, you can’t expect everyone to like your song. It depends on your music and which kind of audience you want to hit & engage. It’s better to get a bitter feedback than a fake praising feedback.

Always consider to work on the feedback and if you want to make your song worldwide successful, then use feedback to grow more as a songwriter.

Go ahead and treat this passion like a profession 

9. Get your song out for publish.

When you’re all set with songwriting part, it’s time to take one more step forward to the career in songwriting. There’s a competition out there but with a smart strategy and contacts, you can make it big. 

In music industry, it doesn’t matter “what you know”? Only matter is “who you know”?

It’s all about “who you know” in the music industry, start getting your name out as songwriter with other Musicians, DJ’s, Songwriters, and Music producers. They all are kind and looking for a new talent.

To know more details for publishing your song & lyrics then check out how to publish your song & lyrics on

10. Keep polishing your Songwriting skills.

” A master has failed more than a beginner can even imagine “

Always try to give your best shot, and never stop learning from others and you’ll start to get successful. Legends are made, not born. Keep working on your Songwriting skills everyday to polish your talent. Remember, not everybody have idealistic talent to think and work to make a song. 

You have something special then why gotta waste? Do it for the world because universe is Soo huge that you can only fill that gap. 

Songwriting is work that pays off, if you’re singer, apply this to become a singer/songwriter just like Me. It’s creative process that keeps you working for excellence. If love writing or just play with the words then start writing from now!

If you want to know about Songwriting Secrets then check out my post Top 5 Secret’s for Songwriting now!


18 thoughts on “How To Become A Great Songwriter

  1. I write songs but it become hard form me to think of the chords… maybe because I’m still not used in guitars.. I really wanted to make a good one.

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  2. Great post, I am constantly asked how I write songs and this is a good guide that I know most songwriters would follow. I do however write my lyrics first (rare for most songwriters) but that’s just the way I work:) Thanks for the good read

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