How To Write A Song With Guitar Chords ( 2016 )

A guitar has proven to be the best instrument to write a song and best friends of songwriter’s. Writing songs with a guitar chords is the most easiest way to recognise pitch, tempo and notes to put in the song that gives an edge. 

It’s not necessary to know every single chords on guitar, you can write amazing songs with a basic knowledge of Guitar.

So you want to know How to write songs with Guitar chords? to make your songs alive?

Do you want to impress your friends, family, even your audience or to chart in Billboards with your songs to make it in the music industry? can’t make a stupid mistake by not to reading more about 

No worries my friend! 

I’m here to tell you the perfect techniques to help you in How to write a song with Guitar chords.

How to write song with Guitar chords

How to write a song with Guitar chords

1. Start with your Songwriting skills.

A great song always needs a great lyrics. Before you start taking off directly to the music part, you should work on songwriting to create a perfect harmonic combination of music and lyrics. While writing, give your all in creating the best lyrics possible, because this is the part which will make your listeners connect to your appropriate music genre

You need to be creative my friend. If you want to know more about Songwriting, check out my blog post. 
Top 5 Secret’s for Songwriting

2. Choose a key note for the song.

The song have a certain depth of emotions and feelings, you need to showcase those feelings in the song by 
choosing the right key. The key note can be any these notes C , D, E, F, G, A, B, C .

  • You should choose Major key to reflect happiness, joy and celebration in the song.
  • Choosing a Minor key note to reflect sadness in the song.

No need to bound yourself in the rules mate! It’s just a techniques for almost every song.

3. Time to choose Chords progression.

While choosing the right harmonic 
chords progression, you should know that ( I, IV, V ) progression in a key scale is for Major key and ( I, ii, iv, vii VII) progression is for Minor key.

  • For example : If you choose C major scale then chord progression will be ( I, IV, V, ) that mean ( C, F, G ) for Major key.
  •  If you choose E Minor scale then chord progression will be (I , ii, iii, vi, vii ) that means ( Em, C, D, F#, G ) for Minor key.

    4. Observe how many chord progression you want to add in your song.

    Almost every popular song consist of 3-4 chord progression, and many other songs have 5-6 chords progression as well. It depends how you want your song to be like, all that matters is harmony after all, “It’s your song”! From my suggestion.. you should use 4 chord progression for a perfect song because I often write songs using 4 chords. “example ( D, A, Em, G)”

    It’s your song mate! Make it perfect!

    5. Create a beautiful melody to hook your audience.

    This is the part where you need 
    structure your entire song lyrics with “The Melodies“. This is the main element of every song, if you don’t have interesting melody then you won’t get better results. In order to get the better results, take out your armours of creation and fire those beautiful melodies in mind and try to cover it on guitar. 

    I have an amazing trick for you to create a perfect melody. Shhh don’t tell anyone else. 

    • Take out the Guitar and choose a key note.
    • Start scaling on the key note.
    • Use 1st , 3rd , 5th, and 8th note of the scale and play on different rhythms
    • You can use 2nd , 4th , 6th , and 7th notes of the scale only few time

    I’ve told you just now the best and easiest way to create a melody and you’re ready to go for it now.

    6. Merge the melody and Re-edit the entire song.

    It’s time to wrap the melodies in all around the lyrics, and if needed re-edit those words which are putting unnecessary weight on the entire song. Mix and re-arrange those lyrics according to the rhythm, beats and tempo of the song. Just make sure that you are making a song and this process is necessary to create an original song.

    Try this for sure and thank me later haha!

    7. Don’t underestimate the “Hooks”

    A well written and composed hooks will make your song last forever. 
    Hooks are special part of the song that almost every listener going to remember in the song. Use repetition of those tunes, and make it like either your listener wants to jump out of bed and dance or get emotional with feelings.

     It’s all upto you dude! You’re the driver of the car and everyone else are passengers. 

    8. Get your song ready and ask for feedback.

    A perfect song takes time to create upto 7 days but the rewards are unpredictable. Writing your first song will be long lasting memories for life. Make sure you completed every single check out and details in your song. Now get your song out to listen with your friends and family but they won’t give you a worthy review

    Instead of asking for a feedback from your family or friends, ask for honest Feedback
     from strangers.

    Writing a song and creating a best music out of it for the first time would be quite difficult, but after using all these techniques correctly even you can be a perfect Songwriter.

    So what are you waiting for things to happen? Go out and make them happen.

    If you want to write a hit song then check out this post Everything you need to write a hit song.


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