How To Structure A Song Lyrics

When you start to write a song, the most important factor that matter is How to structure a song lyrics? If you want to write a Hit Song, then you should know that the most popular and hit songs are structured in a basic form that anyone can learn in just 5 minutes by reading my article that are specially written for you.

Did you ever got stucked while writing a song because you’re confused about the structure? No worries my friend! (Even I got stucked by the time when I was a beginner). Let’s get straight to the point that Everything you need to know about how to structure a song lyrics?

Don’t worry my friend! I’m going to tell you in brief about these bullet points which is going help you to structure your song lyrics…

  • Intro
  • Verse
  • Chorus
  • Verse
  • Bridge
  • Outro.

Sounds amazing isn’t it? To know more… Keep reading. 

How to structure a song lyrics

1. Start with an “Intro”.

An amazing way to start your Songwriting is to start with an “Intro”. Intro of the song is a point where you introduce the song characters and story to the listeners. Always keep in mind while writing an 
intro, your characters are going to lead your entire song till the end and about 2-4 lines are enough.

Engage your listeners just like you start your stories with you friends!

2.  Write the story in “Verse”.

Begin the story you want to share in the song with a special touch of magic essence. I mean by the word “magic essence” is to answer the questions that is making your listeners curious in the “title of the song” and it’s screaming out loud to answer in a magical way. Come on you’re a songwriter, it’s all about how you tell your emotions and stories and make sure to write upto 4-6 lines not the whole story. 

Read this for more : How to write the first verse of a song.

It’s your song dude! Make it interesting!

3. Make an unforgettable “Chorus”.

This is the part which can make or break your song. “
Chorusis the soul of every song, so write down your all emotions and feelings of the situation in the story of your song. Most popular and hit songs are written this way, and they completely fill up every inch of the emotions in the chorus. You must write the chorus to hit the higher notes in the song.

Get your listeners to scream this phrase “damn! I’m in love with the song”

4. Hit the “Verse” again in the structure.

This is the game changing technique, when you write another “Verse” try to answer another question in the song and make it like the song doesn’t need to revolve around the same words. If you want to keep that Verse same, then try to change a line from the previous Verse. It may seem authentic to the listeners. Remember there’s no set of rule but a basic structure.

Remember don’t get them bored. Make it interesting duh!

5. “Bridge” in the song can be empowering formula.

A new chord hit the song and changes everything which was working out with the music. In the “Bridge” section, you need to reveal everything which was hidden in the story like, the secret about the character or the reason of the storyline. It is not important to add the section in the song structure because many songwriter’s neglect using bridge, it’s all upto you and your secret of the story.

Tips for writing bridge : Tips for writing  song bridge

Haha, it’s a game changing part!

6. Set up an “Outro” to end the song.

Here’s the last but not the least, “Outro” is the part of the song which takes everything in the direction to end up the story. If you’re good enough to write a compelling and creative outro then add the section in the song for a better songwriting. Remember, there’s no such rule to write in this way. Just keep it interesting and full of emotions that can relevant to your listeners which will connect the entire song with the audience.

That’s it… Don’t try to write a book!

Important note :

  • When writing songs, keep in mind to fill the emotions in the entire song.
  • Practice writing songs on daily basis to become a real professional.
  • Fill every single structure with a meaningful lines in the song
  • Feel the energy and visualise about the situation when writing the song.

I’ve shared you every single details for structuring your song lyrics, now what are yo waiting for? Go and start writing to create and innovate something beautiful in the song. Who knows your song can chart on 
Hot 100 Billboard’s Chart?

If you want to know write a Hit Song, then check out my post 
Everything you need to write a hit song.


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