Top 5 Secret’s For Songwriting

Songwriting is a creative process of turning your story, ideas and imaginations into the writing to create a masterpiece. It takes efforts to take out the storytelling juice from inside and pour in song structure to make it on Hot 100 Billboard Charts. 

“The best way to become a better Songwriter is to keep writing songs”.  Steve Seskin.

Well, It is more easier than you might be thinking right now. It’ll only take your 
imaginary skills to turn a normal written song into Hit Song. 

Let me take you exactly where you want to be or where you should have been. I’m going to explain you 
Top 5 Secret’s for Songwriting. 

Guitar is useful for songwriting

The Top 5 Secret’s for Songwriting

1. Start with a theme in mind.

The song is going to be based on the theme and the theme can either make or break your song. Theme is the main 
structure of the song that holds the whole song together. It should be appealing and related all together with the daily lifestyle of human life or related to human life.

If you want to be a successful songwriter, almost every listener will be a stranger for you. People will only hear your song if they can relate to the emotions, feel the song or connection .There are massive ideas to put on writing based on a specific theme and that’s what makes a song unique and creative.

Y ou can write songs on themes like :

  • Love : Falling out of love, Break ups, finding love, celebration etc.
  • Life & Self expression : Finding ourselves, Challenges, Growing ups, Dreams, Achievements etc.
  • Family & Friends : Relationships, Besties, Conflicts, Forgiving etc.

If you want to find more deep examples for theme then check out this Song themes site.

2. Control the mind of your listener.

When people listen to the song, they’ll start to imagine about every single  words coming out in the song. If it is said “Rain” then the listener will definitely think about the rain because our brain process words into imagination. As a songwriter, take advantage of this process.

You are going to control the mind of the listener. Either you can take them on journey to emotional ups and downs or you can make them sit down and relax with the old memories. Consider yourself as the in-charge of the listener’s mind because they’ll start to think, what you feed them into the songs.

If you want to engage your listeners with Songwriting, check out the Songwriter’s engaging tips.

3. Melody is the soul of the music.

If your melody is easy to remember and catchy for audience then you’re no longer to get massive success. Easy to remember & powerful melodies use repetition and variations in the song to keep the listeners feel connected. 

Songwriter’s often create melodies by using series of notes at a specific key and Pitches. Almost every songwriter focus of fluctuating pattern of notes but the secret here is that, melodies depends on rhythm ( long notes or short notes timing ) and Pace ( tempo ) aswell.

Here are seven tips to write memorable melodies for listeners.

4. Grab listener attention by CONTRAST.

Do you know why every song has filled up high notes in the chorus?

It is because when the song is being played, listener will get bored till the chorus will arrive and if the song has same note and pitch then listener will remove the song from his favorite list forever because there’s nothing special in it.

Try different variations in the song, like High in the Chorus and Low at the Verses even vice versa can be a great combination. You can try with mixture of high notes and Low notes in the Chorus to make it appealing. 

Special note : Try to create a sad song with happy major chords to make it contrast like “Jump then Fall” by “Taylor Swift”. You should know about the “importance of Contrast in Songwriting“.

5. Choose a specific “Genre” for the song.

 Just like an ice cream comes in different flavours and appeal to different types of ice cream lovers, Same defines the song and Hit the difference types of audience. Try for the genre you love the most and familiarise yourself with the genre, Choose one of your favourite genre like Pop songs, R&B songs, Rock songs, Country songs or Soul music.

Genre will enhance your songwriting skills in order to make your songs more accurate for an appropriate audience. You’ll no longer have to wait for ideas, just start working on a specific genre to hit yourself on Hot 100 Billboard Charts. 

While choosing choosing the make sure you’re familiar enough to write in the choosen genre. Here’s something for you to write your song in a genre.

Try to ask your yourself these questions 


  • What theme is going to be used?
  • What kind of characters are used?


  • How much contrast is being used?
  • Are these melodies are simply or complicated?
  • How much repetition are used?


  • Do you hear 3-4 basic chords?
  • Any other chords are being played?
  • How frequently are these chords are being changed?

Now start writing your songs and turn them into a masterpiece, you have these Top 5 Secret’s for Songwriting in your brain. Why waste your time in thinking much? Recreate your imaginations , and ideas into brilliant songwriting skills and make a difference in the universe.

If you want to become great songwriter then you should definitely need to read how to become a great songwriter.


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