Everything You Need To Write A Hit Song

Writing a song is an art to express your emotions and imaginary feelings and turn those written words into a perfect song. When you start to write a song, think about taking your listeners on journey from beginning to the end of the song. It is crucial that you need to craft a song just like caring a born baby.

People often ask me, how to write a song? Or Where to begin in writing songs? And most importantly, start with melody or lyrics? No worries my friend! I’m here to explain you in details about everything you need to write a hit song.

Let’s find out more in Everything you need to write a Hit Song.

Everything you need to write a hit song

1. Choose a perfect “Title”.

When writing a song then start with the title, it’ll help you to brainstorm about a specific topic and will definitely make you think more deeply. If you get stuck somewhere in writing process, just take a  glance on the title and you’ll have the whole story.

While choosing the title, you need to keep in mind that this is what attracts the listeners to come & listen the song. Make the title vague and questionable, so it’ll attract more listeners.

This site can help you to create a song “Title”.

2. Write the untold story of the title.

This is what I’m talking about, untold story refers to the title you have choosen. If you’ve written something like “ I knew you were trouble” by Taylor Swift, this refers to make questions like “Who was trouble?” and “what made her trouble?”. Try to answer these questions forming by the title.

If you’re write about your past, then make it relative that happened with everyone else. So people can feel the connection in the song that will lead to make ordinary song into a massive hit song.

3. Choose a perfect song structure.

Choose a song structure from different variations, because you need to listen to your favourite genre and note out the structure of the song. The most popular songs are based on these structure : Verse / Chorus / Verse / Chorus / Bridge / Chorus.

Nowadays, latest hit songs are using “pre-chorus” ( before the chorus, it’ll hint the listeners about the chorus is going to hit higher. )

Wanna know more about song structure? then check out my post how to structure a song lyrics.

4. Try out the different chords for your song.

When you’re finally done with lyrics part then move to song creation process. Choose a key note for the song and make chords progression to make it appealing. If you’re lyrics are showcasing the sadness and deep emotions then use “Minor” chords and if your lyrics are representing fun & happiness then use “Major” chords.

Chords progression
for Hit songs are used in simple structure. Take one key note and make progression like I – IV – V – VII for Major chords and I – Vi – VII – ii – iii – I for Minor chords.

To know more check out Chords progression now.

5. Find out the melody for the song.

Take out your guitar or piano and start trying out different kind of melodies, and if you’re good enough in playing the instrument then produce the sound just the way you want. Keep in mind that you’re the melodies you’re creating are repetitive

The more it’ll repeat the more it’ll be easy to remember. Use the melodies that get stuck inside your head, this little point can make a big difference. You must create something that people can’t ignore, them they’ll turn into listeners and then into fans.

If you want create a melody through vocals then Watch this video to learn in 5 mins. And if you want to create with your instrument then here’s something for the easy way to write hit melodies.

6. It’s time to merge the lyrics and melodies into a Song.

It is the most important factor in “How to write a Hit Song“. Note the lyrics pattern and rhymes and set a tempo for the melody, humming will be better while melodies are playing. Humm the lyrics and melodies together and merge them.

Take out the odds if a word doesn’t fix in the melody, don’t be too harsh while the process. Most famous songs in Pop genre are simply and addictive, they never make a song technically typical otherwise people won’t get attached to the song. Make it simple and unique.

7. How t loo Connect verse and chorus smoothly.

Mainly the Verse is the introduction part of song where you should sing in the low note, and Chorus is the emotional part of the song where you need to hit high notes for emotions because our voice tend to get higher when faced with emotional feelings.

While singing the Verse part, take the notes low in a verse and hit medium notes when the pre-chorus and suddenly hit the higher notes in the chorus to express the feeling in the song.

8. Take the control over the listener with a bridge.

Bridge is the most emotional moment of the song, so give your all to peak the high note with full emotions. Try 3-4 line for the bridge to spell the magic on the listener. The only difference in bridge is that you need to change the whole game here, that means.. take out an accidental chords which you didn’t used in the whole song, neither Verse nor Chorus.

Not everyone uses bridge in the songs, so it’s an option to use it or not. Bridge take out the juice from the whole song, I’d suggest you to try it.

To know more… Try How to write bridge for a song.

9. Record the final song.

When everything is done, then you need to record yourself singing in your smartphone. Just to check out if everything is working out properly. Fix and cut the errors, if it doesn’t sound pleasant then please don’t add in your song. You need to create something pleasant that everyone would love to hear.

Practice, Practice, Practice..

Practice the song until you can sing in the deep sleep. Haha yes! This is the only way to master the song to make it perfect.

10. Go out & shout out loud that you’ve written a Hit song.

Go and sing in front of family, friends and audience, let them review about your new song. Don’t get disheartened if few people didn’t liked it, remember… Not everyone is going to.like you, no matter how talented you are!

This is about Everything you need to write a Hit Song. If you want to make a Hit song then try everything as it is described,  because creativity takes effort to come out. Keep practicing on your  Songwriting skills. Stop making excuses for tomorrow, Start now because this is your time now. Get started and Do it.

If you want to know the Top 5 Secret’s for Songwriting then check out my post. It can help you more to make it on Hot 100 Billboard Charts.


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